Does Nasonex clear mucus?

Nasal spray is a common medication used to help relieve runny nose or sneezing symptoms. Patients with such symptoms would find that nasal spray such as Nasonex 50 mg can be a great relief. There are many kinds of nasal spray available in the market, targeted to help relieve symptoms affecting the nose. Nasal spray, especially steroid nasal spray, is typically available with a doctor’s prescription. You may be familiar with nasal spray being used for those with allergies and sinus issues.

Nasonex contains mometasone. Mometasone belongs to a type of drug known as corticosteroid. Corticosteroid helps to reduce inflammation along the nasal passage. Inflammation process is responsible for the runny nose, itching and sneezing symptoms. Nasonex is certainly medication that help to clear mucus. This is because Nasonex decreases mucus production by reducing the inflammation process through shrinking of the congested blood vessels and expanding the airways.

Nasonex is used to treat many nasal symptoms ranging from allergies such as seasonal allergy/hay fever, rhinosinusitis (inflammation of the nasal cavity and sinus) to nasal polyp (benign growth in the nasal passage or sinuses). Nasonex can be used for children as young as 2 years old. Nasonex should only be used under medical supervision. This is to avoid the adverse side effects from corticosteroid especially when it is used wrongly or for a long period.

Nasonex is best to be used daily on a regular basis. This ensures the patient gets all the benefits offered by the medicine. Using it at the same time of the day helps patients to remember to use it regularly. Dose can be once or twice daily. Patients need to only deliver the spray as prescribed by the doctor and to not change the dose by increasing the dose or frequency. Patients should be able to feel improvement within the first 2 days of using it but it may take up to 2 weeks before the medicine can fully work. If this medicine does not improve symptoms even after using it for 2 weeks or causing worsening symptoms, patients should tell their doctor as this could be a sign of other conditions such as infection. Severe facial pain, thick nasal discharge or weird whistling sound from the nose should be immediately addressed to the doctor. Nasonex should not be used more than a month unless instructed by doctors and with medical supervision.

Nasonex, just as with other drugs used to treat diseases or symptoms do have possible side effects. Common side effects include nose or throat dryness, blood-stained phlegm and nosebleed. If side effects persist and begin to cause discomfort, patients should meet their doctor and address this issue. Prolonged use of Nasonex may increase the chance for the corticosteroid content to be absorbed into the blood system but it is considered rare. When corticosteroids from Nasonex enter the blood, it may lead to serious side effects such as fatigue, swelling of the limb especially ankle or feet, vision problems and unintentional weight loss.

In essence, Nasonex is a nasal spray that relieves symptoms such as clearing mucus. Nasonex should be used daily and regularly to ensure the medicine reaches its maximum therapeutic effect. Nasonex should not be used for more than one month unless instructed by a doctor. Side effects may be bothersome to certain people but rest assured that medications prescribed by doctors are usually only given after thorough evaluation by doctors and ensuring that benefits outweigh the side effects. Any unwanted effect or side effect should be addressed to the doctor.

Avoid spraying Nasonex directly onto the middle wall of the nose. Avoid spraying Nasonex to the eyes and mouth. Remember to shake the container well before delivering the spray. Nasonex should not be used on an injured nose or when damages are present in the nose. Nasonex should only be used when prescribed by a doctor. Never take antibiotics without a prescription from a doctor as this may not be effective in reducing symptoms. Avoid self-treat with traditional remedies or natural remedies without discussing with a healthcare professional first.

The best way to treat symptoms especially when it happens for the first time or getting worse from the previous one is to get properly diagnosed by a doctor and using medication prescribed by the doctor. Medication may not only be steroid nasal spray but also may be decongestant, antihistamine and pain relief. Beside from taking medication, taking extra step such as using humidifier or vaporizer, use medicated ointment containing menthol or camphor on the chest or upper lip, avoiding smoke and alcohol, avoiding extreme temperature such as hot day or cold temperature and avoid food or drinks high in caffeine or salt, can greatly help to reduce symptoms much faster compared to depending on medicine alone. Remember, these extra steps should not be substituting what is advised by doctors or taking the place of the drugs prescribed. It would be wise to ask your doctor before taking these extra steps and have a discussion about it.

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