How one should choose the right shampoo for themselves?

How one should choose the right shampoo for themselves

Shampoo, and conditioners are something that one needs for daily usage but still one can end up choosing the wrong product which can lead to fizziness, dandruffs, hair fall, and other things. so, knowing which is the right shampoo depending on the hair type, and which shampoo can cater to the particular hair problems that one is facing is necessary.

As mentioned above, shampoo is a product that is most frequently used on one’s hair. So, it is crucial that one chooses the right shampoo for them. Be it OGX or other brands of shampoo, one has to see if they cater to their hair types, and specific needs of the hair.

Know Your Scalp

The very first thing that one must know here is their scalp type when they are choosing s shampoo. The shampoo has to be effective to clean the scalp, and the tresses that are seated deep in the scalp. A happy scalp always means healthy hair. So, one has to pick a shampoo that is designed for their scalp, and a conditioner that can moisture the ends of the hair.

Normal Scalp

If one’s scalp has the right amount of oil secretion from the sebaceous glands, then it is a normal scalp. These scalps have not much dryness, and so one has to choose a shampoo that come with a balanced formulation of ingredients, and conditioning agents.

Oily Scalp

Here, the scalp is too oily or greasy, even one is washing them at proper intervals. One needs to keep in mind, that washing too many times can lead to dryness. So, one has to choose shampoo that is balancing, and not much moisturizing. Also, one does not need to wash their hair more than thrice a week.

Dry Scalp

For this, one needs hydrating, and moisturizing shampoos as the scalp tends to get drier frequently. One has to keep both their hair, and scalp moisturized in these cases. Using hair oil at intervals can also be of great help.

Choosing the right formulation of shampoos is also very important. There are clarifying shampoos that can be great for scalp. One can also mix 2 shampoos together if the combination works for them. In case of oily scalp, one has to ditch the conditioner. For dry hair, one must use a shampoo that comes with gentle formulation. Above all, one has to stay away from shampoos, and conditioners that contain sulphates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. They make the scalp, and hair both dry, and frizzy.

Knowing one’s hair is also very important because it is the type of hair, that also decides what shampoo one should use. In case, one has curly hair, they need to go for a hydrating shampoo that untangles the hair easily. In case, one has straight hair, then they are blessed but one also has to use a shampoo that comes with rich moisturizers so that the hair remains frizz-free.

If one has already dry hair or the hair that is chemically treated then it can already be quite sensible. In these cases, one should use a hair strengthening shampoo that come with proteins, and can provide proper nourishment to the hair strands. Also, going for sulphate free shampoos can prevent dryness, and keep the colored hair intact.

OGX shampoos are volumizing, and they can cater to many hair conditions. They can also add some volume to those who have thin hair strands. There are balancing shampoos that are also designed to have good moisture levels to keep the scalp nourished. Apart from these, there are anti-dandruff shampoos that cater to the particular problem of white flakes.

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