Is it okay to use an intimate wash?

intimate wash

Taking care of intimate health is quite important throughout the year. This is all about being hygienic, and keeping the private parts clean, and fresh. This can prevent one from facing anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial issues. Hence, considering a feminine wash can be a good idea to keep the area clean.

If that is used, then one can maintain the pH balance, and also keep the area refreshed which means they can have a carefree day without thinking about odors or foul smells.

Reasons to consider a feminine wash

These are the special washes that are designed specifically for one’s vulva. One can use it as a daily rinse instead of using just plain water. Here are the major benefits:

  • Most of the feminine washes are formulated in such a way that it maintains the pH balance of the intimate area. This can prevent infection, irritation, and itching. The vagina has a delicate pH level, and using regular soaps to wash them can disrupt it. A pH balanced cleanser can help to maintain the natural flora.
  • Unpleasant odors can often happen in the intimate area because of menstrual flow, sweating, or some hormonal changes. If one uses a good feminine wash with a mild, and natural ingredients then it can neutralize the odor, and make one feel fresh, and comfortable.
  • These feminine washes provide gentle cleaning which is quite effective without causing much dryness or roughness. Because of the mild wash, the dirt, and sweat accumulated there can be removed, but the natural moisture of the area stays intact.
  • Intimate washes also provide relief to someone who suffers from redness, itching or irritation in the private area. One can choose a wash that contain natural ingredients like chamomile or Aloe Vera which can soothe down the sensitive skin.
  • As mentioned above, during menstrual cycle – maintaining a proper hygiene becomes very important. So, if one uses a feminine wash, then it can keep the area clean, and one can feel fresh throughout the period.
  • Those who have a routine workout or exercise regime – they must clean the private part post workout as sweat gets accumulated there. It can help in removing the bacteria, sweat, and the excess moisture that is accumulated there by cleaning the area.
  • A feminine wash can also be helpful in case of pre, and post intimacy routine. This can help ensuring freshness, cleanliness, and comfort during intimate moments.
  • These things are very much travel-friendly. They come in convenient sizes so that one can always keep them in their bag, and take it along to use it every day. This gives one a peace of mind, that they can ensure feeling comfortable everywhere.

Now, the question is – are there any downsides of using a feminine wash? Well, as we have already talked about a lot of benefits of using it, here are also a few things to keep in mind:

  • Not all feminine washes are good for use. One has to buy a wash that comes with pH balance maintenance formula, and natural ingredients only. This is because, harsh chemicals can disrupt the balance.
  • Do not use excess of feminine wash because it can strip away all the natural oils that are protective. Excess usage can also lead to dryness, and itching. One must follow the directions given on the bottle for usage.

It is true that each body is different, and their needs are different too. The best thing is to take an advice of the gynecologist before buying a feminine wash. They can prescribe the right one as they know the medial history of their patients. This is considered to be a safe choice.

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